Friday, January 31, 2014

From Fred's Facebook: others seek the Hembeck holiday as well!

For many years, much to the chagrined bemusement of my immediate family, I would treat my birthday (and the days leading up to it) as if it were a grand national holiday. Now, in recent years, thanks to the overwhelming response from you folks out there in Facebookland, it almost seems as if that national holiday idea has finally caught on (why, I even hear they closed schools in Atlanta yesterday!...)! So, honest to gosh, thanks one and all for checking in with your good wishes on my special day--it most certainly makes crossing off yet another year on my own personal calendar all that more palatable!

Time to make January 30 a national holiday

January 30 is artist Fred Hembeck's birthday! Is it not time to set the day aside for merriment and drawing swiggles on our drawings of elbows and knees.